Tips For Using My Insurance Evaluator

There are many special features available through this Evaluator. To make this experience the best it can be, please review and follow the notes below.

If Your Browser Has A Pop-Up Blocker
To take full advantage of all the features in the Insurance Evaluator you need to tell your computer to allow Pop-Ups from This won’t turn off your Pop-Up blockers; it simply instructs your computer to only allow Pop-Ups from this web site. How you change your Pop-Up Settings depends on your computer set up. See the details at the bottom of this page for instructions.

Evaluate Multiple Homes, Autos, Life, Disability & LTCI Policies
The Insurance Evaluator can provide recommendations for as many residences (homes, apartments, condos that you own or rent), autos, life, LTC or disability insurance policies as you want. The “My Account” area of the site enables you to create and manage all of that information. Simply click on the appropriate link access your account options.

Special Glossary for Insurance Terms
Insurance can be a complex and confusing topic. Throughout the Evaluator I needed to use many terms specific to the insurance industry. When one of these specific terms shows up on a page, it will appear underlined and blue in color. No need to get your dictionary, I had a special glossary tool built right into this Insurance Evaluator. Just click on the word to see its definition in a popup window.

Your Data Is Automatically Saved
Once you fill out information on a page in any of the main insurance areas of the Evaluator and click the “Continue” button your personal information is saved automatically. That means you won’t have to constantly re-enter data every time you come back.

Minimum System Requirements
To receive optimal performance of the Insurance Evaluator, you need a PC or a Macintosh computer with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or better, Firefox 1.0 or better, or Netscape version 6.2 or better, and Internet access. Your computer itself will operate best if it complies to the following specifications.

Windows 2000/Me/XP
Pentium III 350 mhz
128 MB RAM (32 MB Free)
50 MB Free hard drive space
800x600 screen resolution, 16 bit color, 8mb video card
56.6 kbps modem and Internet access

Macintosh OS X
G4 processor or higher
64 MB RAM (32 MB free)
50 MB Free hard drive space
800x600, thousands of colors
56.6 kbps modem and Internet access

Pop-Up Blocker Instructions
Follow the instructions for your set-up:

If you use Internet Explorer:
A. Click on Tools in the Toolbar at the top of your screen.
B. Click on Pop-Up Blocker Settings.
C. Enter: in the Address of Web Site to Allow box.
D. Click: Close.

If you use American Online 8.0 or higher:
A. Go to AOL Keyword: Pop-Up Preferences.
B. Select: Allow Web pop-ups from these sites.
C. Type in:
D. Click ADD.

If you use Mozilla/Firefox:
A. Click on Tools in the toolbar at the top of your screen.
B. Click on Options.
C. Click on Allowed Sites to the right of Block Pop-Up Windows.
D. Enter
E. Click OK.

If you use Yahoo Companion:
A. On the Yahoo! Companion toolbar click on: Pop-Up Blocking button.
B. Click on: Always Allow Pop-Ups From in the drop-down menu.
C. Select from the list.
D. Click: Close.

If you use Norton Internet Security:
A. Open Norton Internet Security.
B. Click on Norton AntiSpam.
C. Click on Configure.
D. Click on Advanced.
E. Click on Add Site.
F. Type in:
G. Click on Add.
H. Retype: and click on: Permit.